Herbal Henna Brown Hair Color ( 2 BOX= 12 Sachets )

₹ 220 ₹ 240(8%off )

Get dreamy brown hair naturally!

Moon star Gives your dull, grey hair an appealing makeover with Brown Henna Hair Colour. Made with organic henna extracts, it adds a beautiful texture and shine to your hair. Get desired results with no damage to your hair. The natural ingredients in the henna provide nourishment to your weak hair and make it soft and silky. This chemical-free brown mehndi for hair will also add some volume to your hair. It does not make your scalp dry or itchy, and the colour remains intact for months.

1. By applying this product your hair becomes smooth and silky.
2. This product helps to strengthen the root.
3. This product provides moisture to the hair.

Step:1 Mix the henna with warm water to make a fine, thick paste. Leave the past for a couple of hours before applying.
Step:2 Use a colour brush to apply brown henna to your hair. Take small segments at a time.
Step:3 Leave it on for at least 30-45 minutes.
Step:4 Rinse it with cold water.

henna Leave, Aloevera, Bhringraj, Amla, Hibiscus, Shikakai

Who can use this product?

both men and women can use it and also those who did not complete the age of 18 years are not eligible to use this product.

Is this product has any side effect?

All the ingredients which are used in this product are completely safe and secure so you do not need to worry.

Does this product help me to reduce hair fall?

As soon as you apply this product you entirely feel that this product helps to reduce your hair fall problem.