Herbal Henna Powder 200gm

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Soft, smooth & luscious locks, naturally!

Moonstar Herbal Henna 100% organic & natura is made with the goodness of amla, shikakai, bhringraj, and coffee. The all-natural henna powder softens your hair and avoids premature greying. The natural ingredients strengthen your hair by repairing damaged hair strands and promoting hair growth. It nourishes your scalp and improves overall hair health. Put your dandruff and hair fall woes to rest with our organic henna powder. The naturally-cooling agents in this black henna will bring your itchy scalp relief on hot summer days. Famous worldwide, our organic herbal henna will keep your locks naturally silky, smooth, and luscious for months.

• Applying henna to your hand will upgrade the beauty of your hand and it will provide coolness to your body.
• Henna works great to remove the dead cells from your hands and feet.
• The fragrance of this herbal henna will make you calm and relax.
• This is 100% organic Henna, so you can use this in your pregnancy. ( Just for assurance consult it with your doctor)
• Applying henna to your hair will make your hair soft and smooth and also give it a nice texture.

-Mix the henna with warm water and leave it overnight.
-The next day, take small segments of your hair and apply henna using a colour brush.
-Leave it on for at least 30 minutes or more, depending on the intensity of the colour you desire.
-Rinse it with shampoo and water.

    Lawsonia inermis leaf powder (Mehendi)
Can I remove my whole body hair from this one cream?

No, it is meant for only legs, arms, hands, and bikini lines. You may experience irritation and issues in other parts of the body.

Can Dry skin people also use this sensitive hair removal cream?

If you have dry skin you can buy Moonstar Essentials Hair Removal Cream Dry Skin.